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10 reasons why German Shepherds make the best dogs

10 reasons german shepherd best dog

German Shepherds are amazing dogs, although at first impression they can get a bad rap. Due to their large stature, many people are instantly scared when they come across dogs of this breed. Even though these dogs have a reputation for being “tough,” they are just great pets.

German sheepdogs have a long history as guard dogs, trained to serve, protect, and intimidate. Dogs of this breed have been protagonists in action films and awarded medals of honor so it is not surprising that many people want to have one as a pet.

If you are still not convinced of the benefits that adopting a German Shepherd can bring you, read on.

Here we list 10 reasons why German Shepherds are one of the best pets:

German Shepherds are working dogs

The German Shepherd is a suitable multi-job dog. How many people can say they have a dog of a breed that can be used as a police officer? German Shepherds are highly intelligent animals with a strong sense of smell and can be trained to do a wide variety of real-life jobs.

They are obedient and easy to train

German shepherds enjoy learning and obeying orders, which makes the training and training process much simpler and more enjoyable than with other breeds.

Research has shown that the German Shepherd is one of the easiest breeds to train . Longing to please his master, the dog will learn new tricks quickly and respond to the training demands of his instructor. In fact, there are many owners who enter their German Shepherds in competitions, knowing how flexible and adaptable they are.

The German Shepherd is a very active dog

German Shepherds are an extremely active breed and they encourage and spread that activity to their owners! They love to exercise outside so it is a great opportunity for their owners to have no excuse to be more active and exercise.

Since the German Shepherd has a lot of energy, you can’t expect him to just sit in a backyard and jump around all day. German Shepherds need a great deal of physical activity and this may be one more reason to go out for a walk and exercise outdoors, in a way the two of you will win.

Do you hate running alone? Don’t worry, your German Shepherd is here! This breed of dog has enough energy to go for a run every day with its master. An added bonus to running with your German Shepherd is that no one messes with you during the race.

German Sheepdogs are great watchdogs

German Shepherds are naturally very protective of their families. If someone remotely approaches your house, your German sheepdog will quickly inform you.

German Shepherds give off the kind of look that says “don’t mess with me.” Their reputation along with their strong features makes people often fearful of this breed, regardless of how docile or friendly they may actually be.

While German Shepherds can be distant with strangers and protective of their family, this will change quickly when they learn to trust new people and to get to know them.

When you read protection or guard dog, don’t think of the German Shepherd as a ferocious creature. They are not an aggressive breed, but are nevertheless intended for the protection of a property or home. They will keep thieves or strangers in general at a safe distance, not harming anyone for any particular reason.

They are great communicators.

German Shepherds are very good at communicating how they feel. If they want your attention, they will get it. These dogs will bark and whine until prompted to cooperate with their needs.

German sheepherders try to understand what their owners are trying to tell them. Many times, if the dog is confused or trying to understand, he will bow his head.

They are very loyal animals.

These dogs are very loyal to their owners in every way. If your German Shepherd is a family pet, he will treat each member of the family as his master.

If given proper training your German Shepherd will become extremely loyal to you and your family and in turn become protectors. This means that they will love you unconditionally and that they will try to defend you in any situation.

There are not many breeds out there as loyal as the German Shepherd. This dog is ready to lay down his life for his master, so you can already understand how loyal a German Shepherd can be. This is not just for the owner but for the entire family, especially if you have young children, you will notice that loyalty extends to all members of the family.

German Shepherds are very smart

His intelligence is made up of a whole set of amazing and special traits: obedience, curiosity and a real thirst for mental stimulation. That is why they are often recruited as police dogs.

If you want a dog that understands you, then the German Shepherd is the perfect breed of dog for you. It is a well known fact that the German Shepherd was designed as a breed intended to excel for its intelligence and it should come as no surprise that these dogs work in the police force or as rescue dogs. Because they are able to learn quickly and obey commands they are so popular as a breed of dog for working with people with special needs.

They love to play.

You will be surprised with the amount of toys that a dog of this breed can have and spend throughout its life. German Shepherds are very playful, not only when they are puppies but throughout their entire lives.

German Shepherds have a desire for challenges and a natural curiosity. They love mental stimulation as much as physical activity which makes them great playmates.


This is one of the breed of dogs with fewer health problems, as long as the minimum standards of hygiene, etc. are met, it passes its usual veterinary check-ups and it is very important that it comes from good genetics.

If you regularly take your dog to the vet and feed him with the necessary vitamins during the growth period, you almost ensure that you have a healthy and strong dog with a long life ahead of you.

Unlike many large breed dogs, German Shepherds have very few health-related risks when they maintain a healthy diet and get enough exercise. The main concerns are usually related to your hip and elbow joints, but they are avoidable if you stay healthy.

Your German Shepherd will be your best friend

Each German Shepherd has its unique quirks that will fill your days with joy. No matter what you have in your life, this breed will always stand by your side.

Once German Shepherds have bonded with their master, their sweet and friendly nature becomes a positive encouragement to those around them. This is one of the reasons that makes them an ideal family dog.

If you socialize your German Shepherd when he is a puppy, he will grow up to be a fantastic companion to your children or other children in the family.


Choosing a dog’s breed is never a simple decision. However, if you take some time and take a look at the advantages that the German Shepherd presents, you will soon discover that this is one of the easiest decisions you can make.

The only other thing you have to decide is what kind of German Shepherd you want, as there are plenty of interesting German Shepherd varieties and lines to choose from. So what do you say, are you ready to start looking for a German Shepherd puppy ?

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