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Police Rescue Abandoned German Shepherd After Its Owner Contracted Coronavirus

abandoned german shepherd

And it has been very difficult for the animals as several cats and dogs were turned over to shelters due to the coronavirus .
Some are letting their pets go because they have lost their jobs and are facing a financial crisis and have no other choice, and there are others who have been hospitalized, leaving their pets trapped in their homes.

Police Rescue Abandoned German Shepherd

A man in Florida was hospitalized after presenting symptoms similar to those of a coronavirus. In addition to worrying about his battle with the life-threatening virus, the man was concerned about his German shepherd, who had been left alone in his houseboat.

Desperate for help, the man sought out the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to see if they could help rescue his beloved pet. Fortunately for the man, both the maritime unit and animal service officers were able to step in and help the man. They went to rescue the German Shepherd.

Obviously, the authorities had to take precautions, so they wore protective gear before boarding the boat anchored in the manatee’s pocket. Officers were relieved to find that the German Shepherd was fine and in good health. They took her to shore, where she was escorted for shelter until her owner could recover.

As the sheriff’s office congratulated,

“Nice work from an amazing team, dedicated to getting the job done, regardless of the circumstances.”

Sheriff’s Department
There were many people who felt the same way and were delighted to be able to save the puppy.

One person commented, “Thank you! You are incredible! It would bother me so much if I were in that patient’s situation… Thank you for taking care of man’s best friend and leaving him alone for an incredibly stressful time. Good to see that you guys have equipment and stay safe too! ”

Others got up with offers of help by sending donations of dog food, while almost all wished the owner a very quick recovery.

Another person commented:

“Good job. Prayers for the gentleman from the hospital. There are still people who think of the animal as a child. He only wanted the best for his dog!

This was a dog who was lucky to get help when he needed it. There are many other animals that are not so lucky, but are still desperate for help. This pandemic has made it really difficult for animal shelters around the world who are doing their best to try to help as many of these abandoned animals as possible.

And they need to reiterate as much as possible to remind people that you CANNOT get the coronavirus from your dog or cat, so there is no need to get rid of your pet just because you think you can get the virus from them.

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