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Johnathan Hon

I am a technician in International Trade and Marketing, specializing in SEO Content and RRSS. I have worked as head of content and social networks for the About German Shepherd project from its inception in 2015 to 2019, which led me to study basic training and behavior modification in Single Track. I currently have a level 2 professional dog trainer license from the NAACP. I have been a volunteer at the CAACB and a member of AVDA. I have two adopted mongrel dogs and a cat. In my articles, you will find useful information on training, behavior problems, ethology, and curiosities. In addition, I also actively encourage the adoption of animals in shelters and kennels,

About German Shepherd

About German Shepherd is a website that was created in 2015 by two experts and lovers of the animal world. The project was born with the aim of helping all those who live with German Shepherd and giving them the necessary resources to improve coexistence among them. Shortly after, and seeing the need to answer more complex questions, veterinarians, ethologists, biologists, trainers, etc., were added to offer a more specific and rigorous content. Currently, we are more than 20 expert professionals in the animal world.

Over time, the project has grown and broadened the themes. Thus, we share articles that solve the questions that dog and cat caregivers face on a daily basis, but we also publish content related to exotic animals and wildlife. In addition, we inform about the current situation of the different registered animal species and raise awareness to promote a more respectful world with all living beings.