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Pastor Belga Malinois VS Pitbull

Belgian Malinois vs Pitbull

In this article we will compare the Belgian Malinois vs American Pitbull Terrier. Let’s start the comparison.

Life durability

Malinois dogs live 12 to 14 years while Pitbulls live 12 to 16 years, so Pitbulls live an average of two more years.

General health

Both breeds are generally healthy, but since all breeds are prone to certain health conditions, not all dogs will contract some or all of these diseases.

Affectionate with the family 

Pitbulls are a dog that lives for their family, they are not a good choice for people who may pay little or no attention to them. Although Malinois are good-sized dogs, they are very people-oriented and want to be included in family activities.


Both breeds are very intelligent, but the Malinois is more intelligent than the Pitbull and is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Child friendly

American Pit Bull Terriers love robust, energetic and tolerant children, they are ideal playmates and well socialized. Malinois are good with children, but due to their herding heritage they can have a tendency to pinch their heels and try to herd them when they play.

Friendly with strangers

The Malinois was a guard dog, the character does not allow him to be more friendly with strangers. Whereas Pitbull is very friendly with strangers.

«A question for you, do you want your dog to be friendly with strangers or not? let us know in the comments.

Friendly with dogs and pets 

Malinois is friendly with animals but not so much with other dogs, but still more than a Pitbull.

It copes well with apartment living:

His high energy does not fit in living in an apartment but the Pitbull is still better adapted than the Malinois.

Good for novice owners 

Due to their high energy intelligence and other characteristics Malinois are not recommended for novice owners however in this case they are better than a Pitbull.

Easy to train 

Belgian Malinois are intense dogs that are game oriented and sensitive training should be consistent and positive fun, they are easier to train than Pitbulls.

Power level 

Just like Malinois Pit Bulls have a great deal of energy and need plenty of exercise, make sure you have the space and time to provide it.

Watchdog Skill 

Pit bulls are very good watchdogs but compared to Malinois they are much worse. Malinois are one of the best watchdogs in the world.

Tendency to bark or howl

The Malinois does not howl but does bark a lot, which is normal for any guard dog while the Pitbull is much calmer.

Tolerate being alone

The Pitbull does not tolerate being alone, they can be disturbed when left alone while the Malinois is more tolerant of loneliness.

Tolerates cold weather 

Of course, the Malinois has longer hair than the Pitbull, so it is more tolerant of cold weather.

Tolerates hot weather 

Both breeds are moderately heat tolerant.

So what’s your take on this comparison? Let us know in the comments and we hope you like this Malinois vs. Pitbull comparison.

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