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Belgian Malinois: Features and More!

Belgian shepherd malinois

The Belgian Malinois is an intelligent and sociable breed that thrives under firm and fair leadership.

Originally bred as a sheepdog, they are increasingly finding work in security services due to their ability to handle complex tasks with ease.

The breed is recognized as four different varieties, the Groenendael , the Laekenois , the Malinois , the Tervueren .

Often confused with a small German shepherd , it is actually part of the family of sheepdogs Belgian and astor Belgian Malinois is one of the most obedient dogs you’ve ever met.

That is one of the reasons this charming breed is so popular in so many homes. One of the most desirable traits in any dog ​​is listening, learning, and behaving well when instructed by its owners.

Nobody wants a dog that does not listen or respect its owner; is one of the biggest reasons so many dogs give up every year – that and many owners are unaware of how they have to behave and treat their animals if they want to be heard. However, the astor Belgian Malinois is a very determined dog with a lot of love for their humans.

If you are looking for the astor Belgian Malinois as a breed for your family, you want to know the race as closely as possible before bringing it home. Are you the right family for this particular dog? Is it the right dog for your family? Find out now with our comprehensive overview of this charming animal and what it has to offer your family.

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Belgian Malinois weight and size

Dogs must measure between 61-66cm with a weight of 25-34 kg and females 56-61 cm and their weight must be proportional to their size varying between 18-27 kg.

Breed history

Not a very popular dog in the United States, the astor Belgian Malinois is popular in Belgium. There it is found in most homes, and it is a dog that is revered with respect and love. The dog was developed in Belgium and used for herding, part of the Belgian shepherd dog family. It has been around for centuries, doing the same job over and over again.

Because he is such a smart dog, he has always been very easy to teach and that is why so many people appreciate having this dog in the home to handle their herding problems. That’s only part of the reason why the astor Belgian Malinois is a beloved dog.

Personality and Temperament

The Belgian Malinois is a sweet dog with a very determined personality. He has a very bright outlook, and he listens well. In fact, your kids might learn a thing or two from how well this dog listens to its owners.

One thing to keep in mind with the astor Belgian Malinois is that it requires a owner with consistent training and a firm command, but not one that is hard. Being too mean, bossy, or heavy with this dog does not go well, and the dog will learn to disobey and become a problem in the home. It requires a consistent relationship with a charming owner.

If you plan to bring home to the beautiful astor Belgian Malinois , it is imperative that you bring home a dog you plan to socialize. Since it is a very protective breed, it can easily be wary of strangers and not be nice to everyone who does not live in its home.

As we assume that you are not a hermit who never has guests, it is a good idea to accustom your dog to those around him so that he responds favorably to strangers rather than fear and resentment. This is a dog that is great with children, as long as it is properly socialized with them.

A herding dog by nature, the astor Belgian Malinois is a dog who can spend hours playing your feet in an attempt to pastorearte as often as possible. He is a dog that enjoys spending quality time with his owners and loves to learn.

He is very intelligent, so he quickly picks up on anything you want to teach the dog, and shows overwhelming loyalty to his family. It is fine with other animals, but it is recommended to be careful when introducing this animal to smaller animals, and to take care that your dog is not dominant with other dogs.

Character of Belgian Shepherd Malinois

All Belgian Shepherds require a high level of mental stimulation due to their intelligent nature and professional training is recommended.

Firm and early socialization practice is also important as, despite their friendly temperament, they can develop negative behaviors in response to lack of stimulation.

The Belgian Malinois does not respond well to negative training techniques and will quickly get bored of repeating simple tasks.

Belgian Malinois Health

The only major health concern is the relatively high incidence of epilepsy in the breed. As is common in large breeds, there is also a tendency for hip dysplasia

Lifestyle and expectations

Once you have the home of the astor Belgian Malinois , what do you expect from this race? It’s not always going to be as easy as saying you can expect a dog that is like this or like this, but there are some generalities you can expect with this breed once you get home.

For one thing, you can expect the Belgian Shepherd Malinois to live to be 14 years old, as the half-life of this breed is 12 to 14 years.

This is a very healthy breed, and that’s another reason why so many people love to the astor Belgian Malinois . As for breed-specific health problems, there are none.

The dog is very healthy in terms of his overall health, although it is not unlikely that you will notice that your dog is experiencing some skin allergies or eye problems.

If he is not socialized properly, he can even be on either end of the spectrum in terms of being very shy or very aggressive.

The astor Belgian Malinois is as likely as any other dog to develop health problems, but not very likely to develop many health problems simply because of their race, and genetic problems are virtually unknown in the astor Belgian Malinois .

If you live in a house or small apartment, you wonder if the astor Belgian Malinois is the right dog for you. He is not a dog that does poorly in an apartment, but he does need a lot of exercise.

It requires a long walk every day, and some time to play in the yard or in the park will do wonders for this breed in terms of keeping it happy and well exercised.

When it comes to grooming, you’ll find that a regular brush with a stiff bristle brush prevents your dog from excessively falling out at home, removing dead hair on the brush rather than on the furniture or carpet.

It doesn’t require frequent trips to the groomer, and bats are something that is only required when absolutely necessary and unavoidable.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois care

As these dogs require a lot of stimulation and a high degree of training, they may not be suitable for inexperienced owners or those who do not have adequate time and space.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and each dog is an individual.

Photos of  Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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