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Solid Black or Tan German Shepherd

german shepherd black solid black fire

The black German shepherd has some variations when compared to what we could call the standard German shepherd dog.  and they are commonly mistaken for a mixed breed or other breed of dog.

The Black German Shepherd has a uniform appearance , high trainability, and stable temperament which allow them to be excellent companions, family dogs, and work as police dogs or as assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Black German Shepherd Genetics

The color of the coat color can be dominant or recessive . This means that there is a possibility that a German Shepherd who is not all black could carry the gene and produce Black German Shepherd puppies , something that does not happen with the Swiss Shepherd or White German Shepherd .

The dominant black coat gene is of course a different gene , so a completely black German Shepherd can have both the dominant gene and the recessive gene, while German Shepherds of any other coat color can have the gene. recessive of the black coat but not the dominant gene.
If you are interested in breeding the Black German Sheepdog, you should research and know your dog’s ancestry and bloodline. The coat color of a German Shepherd can be determined from seven to eight weeks of age.

Appearance of the black German sheepdog

The Black German Shepherd is known for exhibiting the traditional look of the breed. They have a straight back and are usually larger compared to the standard German sheepdog . The length of its coat can vary from short to long.

Black German Shepherd personality

The Black German Shepherd like the rest of the breed is not usually aggressive. You can be wary of strangers, but once you adjust to them, you will be extremely nice. When you are with a family, it will be accessible and easy.

Although Black German Shepherds make great watchdogs, they also need attention and dedication from their owners or family. This special trait makes them perfect candidates to work as service dogs for the blind, deaf and disabled.

Black German Shepherd temperament

Have you ever been walking with your Black German Shepherd outside and watching people cross the street to stay away from both of you? The strong appearance a black German sheepdog presents may scare strangers , but as a dog owner, you need to be aware of the breed’s temperament. Actually, Black German Shepherds have a pleasant and very stable temperament.

They are loyal and watchful dogs that are willing to express their self-confidence by keeping an eye on their family.


Early socialization is important to your German Shepherd.

It allows you to get used to a variety of different people, experiences, sounds, smells, and places. It will also teach you to behave in every situation, and it will make you behave throughout your life.

As soon as you bring your puppy home, it is recommended that you introduce him to family and friends who frequently visit the house. You should also take him for a walk around the neighborhood so he can get to know the other dogs in the area.

If you have a dog park that you intend to take him to, introduce it slowly, allowing him to see the other dogs first and then on the next visit you give him the freedom to play with them.

If you have adopted an adult Black German Shepherd, it is advisable to socialize him slowly. Introduce him to your family first and then introduce him to other family members one by one.

Are Black German Shepherds Good With Children?

Black German Shepherds are extremely good with children.
Allow your puppy to have a lot of exposure with your children always under your supervision, especially when they meet the first times. Once they meet, you will see how your black German sheepdog will become the best friend, playmate, babysitter and protector of your children.

Black German Shepherds also have the ability to get along with other pets in the house, including cats and other dogs. But they need to be introduced to them slowly and generally while they are puppies.

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