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The Owner Asks For A Hello But The German Shepherd Does A Mischief

german shepherd does a mischief

And we are not exaggerating or using a metaphor! You do not believe me? Then look!
If you’ve never had the chance to see an animal praying to a human, it’s your turn! That they are in a good mood and we all knew it! But that they like to make fun of their owners, it is a novelty!

German Shepherd Does A Mischief

Look at this German Shepherd! With the most serious muzzle in the world he looks at his partner. When he (the human) extends his hand almost asking for a greeting, the little dog acts like a misunderstanding. In the moments when the owner is distracted, looking forward, it is to see him extend his paw!

If this episode, told, is already fun … imagine what you see! There is no way to resist! After this, can anyone still say that animals are inconsiderate beings?

Believe me: if you don’t have one of these friends at home yet, chances are you will be filled with the desire to adopt one. Life is much more colorful and joyful with them around, don’t you think?

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