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German Shepherd Does Something Fun In His Police Training

german shepherd does something fun

German Shepherds are the dogs of choice for police and military training.
These trainings require a robust and intelligent animal capable of following orders without question.

German Shepherd Does Something Fun In His Police Training

In addition, these trainings are not easy at all, they are known to be very rigorous and not all dogs are capable of completing them and getting in shape for police life. The dogs that manage to win are with a very specific training and blindly obey the orders of their owner.

Training can include attacking potential thieves, bomb and drug detection, and much more. In the end we have a real crime machine 🙂 But these trainings are unfortunately also very boring and boring, as they spend hours and hours repeating the same things, the same rules and the same orders.

However, this brave pastor of ours decided to act spontaneously and fun, without disrespecting his assistant. He did everything right, attacked and disarmed at the right time… but when he was told to stay put, it was a lot of fun. No one expected his posture, and even his coach laughed.

Even these friends of ours show that we don’t need to take life so seriously, and that every now and then a little nonsense is good for all of us.

Check out the following video where we see that the German Shepherd does something fun in his training.

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