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10 Unbelievable Things About The Panda German Shepherd Dog

german shepherd dog panda

The German Shepherd Dog Panda is one of the rarest dogs in the world. These handsome dogs are not only known for their coat color, but also for their intelligence, intelligence, and versatility.

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10 Unbelievable Things About The Panda German Shepherd Dog

Here are 10 amazing things about the German Shepherd Dog Panda that you might not know.

1. German Panda Shepherds are simply pups of a unique color in a shepherd line

These shepherds display unique symmetrical black and white markings, especially around the face, often resembling the markings of a panda bear. This coloration, among other animals, is known as Piebaldo. This is strange since according to the AKC, the standard colors of the German Shepherd Dog are black and tan.

2. The first known ‘panda’ was born in 2000 to parents of purebred German Shepherd dogs with long lines of purebred heritage.

The breeder sent the first DNA of the German Shepherd Panda to find out just that, that it was purebred but with a mutated KIT gene. From that discovery, it was shown that future German shepherd breeding prospects could be tested to see if they had a chance to produce panda offspring.

3. The only difference between the Panda and the “normal” German Shepherd is in the color of the coat.

Therefore, Panda German Shepherds are the same as all other German Shepherd Dogs, only they have a unique color.

4. German Panda Shepherds are as healthy as normal colored German Shepherds

As stated before, Panda are technically just different colored German Shepherds. This means that they have the same medical history as your lineage. Overall health depends on the breeder the Panda comes from, as with all purebred dogs.

5. The health of German Panda Shepherds depends on their lineage

A responsible breeder who genuinely cares about the outcome and health of his dogs will not breed dogs that are predisposed to health problems. However, there are certain health problems German Shepherds (including Pandas) can have due to their constitution.

Things like hip dysplasia can be bred out of a line but because it is so prominent, it can skip generations or even litters. A common health problem among German Shepherds that cannot be eliminated is bloat. This happens due to the size of the breed, and it is among other large and giant dogs with deep chests.

6. German Panda Shepherds are considered purebred

If the DNA of a German Shepherd Dog Panda is analyzed against the DNA of a German Shepherd Dog of “normal” color, there would be no other difference than the already mentioned mutated KIT gene.

7. German Shepherds Panda are weird

The KIT gene mutation, where the Panda coloration occurs, is not found in most GSDs. Therefore, it is rare. And because of that rarity, breeders who rely on the mutation often don’t do so for the health of the dogs, unfortunately.

8. Things to consider before getting a German Shepherd Panda dog

There are several things to consider if you are looking to adopt a German Shepherd Panda dog . The first, know what you are getting into! Have you had a German Shepherd before? Although they are known to be loyal, confident, and make great watchdogs, they require a lot of exercise, training, and socialization. The owner of a German Shepherd Panda should not be concerned only with the appearance of the dog, although that is the main reason why most people are attracted to the Panda.

9. When looking for a reputable breeder it is essential that you do your research

Find a breeder who is in it for the good of the breed. A good breeder will do health tests on all of their dogs. A breeder will focus on your dogs common temperament and health issues. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals recommends that German Shepherds be tested for hip and elbow dysplasia.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America also states that conscientious breeders should breed for temperament, confirmation, and trainability. These are the main attributes of the German Shepherd, be it Panda or Black and Tan in the coat.

10. The average price of a puppy ranges from 1000- $ 3000

Compared to a black and tan German Shepherd, this one is quite expensive. There is no doubt that this high purchase price is due to supply and demand. Because the Panda is so rare, when they are born they are often talked about even before their open eyes.

Although the black and white markings of the Panda German Shepherd Dog are undoubtedly beautiful, is it worth paying the extra price? German Shepherds are highly driven dogs that need specialized care and are not suitable for uneducated owners.

The Panda Sheepdog should be reserved for those who have a love for the breed itself and want to own a beautiful dog that they know how to properly care for. Once an ethical breeder is found, the prospective owner must ensure that the German Shepherd Panda is healthy, has a good temperament, and is trainable. It is only then that a Panda Shepherd Dog should be owned, trained, loved and cared for by a responsible owner.

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