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Know everything about the diet of the German Shepherd.

Articles on feeding the German Shepherd

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the health of the German Shepherd prevent the most common diseases

The health of the German Shepherd, how to prevent the most common diseases

German Shepherds are generally healthy dogs , but like all breeds, they are prone to certain diseases and pathologies. Not all German ...
how to control exercise german shepherd

Controlling your German Shepherd’s exercise

It is well known that German Shepherds are a working breed of dog and therefore well adapted to dog sports as well as life ...
german shepherd eat yogurt

Can the German Shepherd Eat Yogurt? What You Should Know!

Your German Shepherd should eat food made specifically for large breed dogs. But, when it comes to healthy human foods, it's ...
German shepherd does not eat

Why Won’t My German Shepherd Eat? Check out these 7 reasons!

Typically, your German Shepherd comes running into the kitchen when he hears the sound of his food being poured into ...
fruits can german shepherds eat

29 Fruits German Shepherds Can Eat

I like to feed my German Shepherds fruit as a reward for their good behavior and I often add fruit ...
vegetables that a German Shepherd can eat

24 Vegetables A German Shepherd Can Eat

What vegetables can German Shepherds eat? Potato, sweet potato, carrot, eggplant . I like to feed my German Shepherds vegetables like raw ...
german shepherd eating nuts

Can the German Shepherd Eat Nuts?

I remember seeing my colleague feeding his German Shepherd nuts. That got me thinking about nuts and whether they are safe ...
toxic foods for the german shepherd

Toxic Foods for the German Shepherd

I know that grapes and chocolate are toxic foods for the German Shepherd . When I had my dog, I remember that my friend told me about ...
diet for german shepherd

The Best Diet For The German Shepherd: Nutrition And More!

When I decided to choose a German Shepherd for my first dog, I asked myself, what do I feed my ...
german shepherd eat chocolate

Can the German Shepherd Eat Chocolate? Be careful!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I like my chocolate! One day, while enjoying one of my many favorite bars, ...