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Czech German Shepherd

Characteristics of the Czech German Shepherd

Thanks for your interest in the Czech German Shepherd ! This article is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about a Czech ...
sable german shepherd

Sable German Shepherd: Characteristics and Care

The Sable German Shepherd is seen as a striking and stoic creature that looks incredibly similar to its ancestor the wolf. In ...
white swiss german shepherd

All About The White Swiss German Shepherd!

The pure white coats of the White Swiss German Shepherd are impressive and eye-catching compared to the colors of the standard German ...
black german shepherd

All About The Black German Shepherd: Features and More!

In this article we will learn all about the very popular and highly demanded Black German Shepherd, its history, origin, development, characteristics, ...
Alsatian German Shepherd

Alsatian German Shepherd

If you're wondering why German Shepherds are sometimes called Alsatians, this post will show you why. So why are German ...
german shepherd ddr

German Shepherd DDR

A DDR German Shepherd , also known as an East German Shepherd, is from lines of watchdogs bred in Germany after WWII. These ...
german shepherd line of work

German Shepherd Line of Work: Learn More!

Not sure whether to choose between a working line German Shepherd or another type of German Shepherd? In reality, it will all depend ...
Belgian German Shepherd

Belgian German Shepherd: Characteristics, History and More!

The Belgian German Shepherd is an intelligent and loyal companion who requires time, training and socialization and an outlet for his boundless ...
chosen german shepherd

Chosen German Shepherd: Relationship With Family and Children

An easier and more enjoyable trip with your chosen German Shepherd begins with checking parent dogs for inappropriate traits such as health issues ...
german shepherd expenses

Learn More About German Shepherd Expenses

If you are considering getting a German Shepherd , be sure to budget for more than just the adoption fee or the ...