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German Shepherd Panda: Features and More!

german shepherd panda characteristics and more

Have you heard of a German Shepherd Panda ? Don’t worry if you haven’t, a few weeks ago neither did I. But one day, while searching the internet for different types of dog breeds, I was shocked when I saw a picture of a German Shepherd Panda .

If you’ve never seen one before, you will be surprised the first time you see these very unique looking animals. So what makes these dogs look so different from the standard breed? Although it is not a different breed of dog at all, the truth is in its genetics.

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Characteristics German Shepherd Panda

German Shepherds Panda have a tricolor coat, with about 35% of the coat white, which differentiates them from other dog breeds. It is a mix of a blue German Shepherd when mated with another white-skinned German Shepherd. Although it is a unique color combination, it is quite difficult to design. But still, these dogs fall into the purebred category and not the designer category.

If you are interested in learning more about a panda herder, we have created a few basic things that you may want to know in detail, even if you are interested in breeding this breed of dog.

Weight and size of the German Shepherd Panda

The average weight of the panda German shepherd is 35 – 40 kg, while the average size can vary in males between 60 – 65 cm and females 55 – 60 cm, similar to a German shepherd. 

The reason why it is named after Panda is because of the white color of its fur. This means that apart from the classic black and brown or brown color. These dogs have a combination of white with black and tan, brown or any other color.

Although the white color of a German Shepherd Panda is due to the KIT gene in these dogs, they have all other characteristics that are only similar to those of their German Shepherd parents. They are intelligent and active dogs with a face that looks as fearless as a German Shepherd and a good observer as they are.

What is the breeding history of a German Shepherd Panda?

Like any other German Shepherd, the German Shepherd Panda has its origins in the great Beowulf , which is the great-grandfather of many breeds of dogs that we know today. Then comes the German Shepherd, who becomes the father of many mixed breeds that we breed.

The German Shepherd Dog Panda belongs to the category of sheepdog, which is the result of the crossing of two different sheepdogs. In 2000, the first German Shepherd Panda was created after crossing two other German Shepherds, a black and tan dog and a solid black dog. The name of the first German Shepherd Panda was Franka.

Her breeder tried three times after Franka’s birth to cross her father to produce a similar breed again, but his experiment failed all three times. But many of Franka’s cubs inherited that panda footprint through their mother.

So the Panda Sheepdog is a unique breed of dog, and it is quite difficult to produce one again even with the same parent. That is why they are rarely found, and they are also priced very high compared to other purebred dogs.

Are Panda Shepherds weird?

Without a doubt, panda shepherds are the rarest breed of dog to be found. It is quite difficult to give birth to this breed by raising two sheepdogs. They have a single German Shepherd bloodline, and therefore not a designer breed.

It has a pastel blue color, mainly with 35% white markings on its body and the remaining 65% a combination of black and tan. The color of a dog’s coat depends on the dog’s genes and code. Therefore, mutating genes alone cannot change their coat color too much. However, small changes in the dog’s coat color can be found due to genetic mutations.

Piebald refers to the white markings on a German Shepherd Panda. In a panda sheepdog, the Piebald gene determines the amount of white markings in a German Panda Shepherd . This means that one copy of the piebaldo gene is crucial in a dog with a white coat color, and that even a single copy like two copies dramatically increases white markings in a German Shepherd Panda.

This pinto leaf gene is quite rare to find in dogs, so it is difficult to find a breed of dog with fur that resembles that of a panda.

Are purebred panda German Shepherds?

Yes, Panda German Shepherds are purebred dogs. They only have one mutation in their kit gene that makes their coat color up to 35% white, otherwise it comes from a single German Shepherd bloodline.

The American Kennel Club did some tests on Franka, the first German Shepherd Panda, discovered him and accepted him as a purebred German Shepherd.

The pattern of its coat varies, otherwise it has all the characteristics and genetic configurations similar to a German shepherd. And the mutation is only seen in the KIT gene.

As they are a bit shy and shy, they are good observers and perfect for search and rescue, drug detection, they are agile. They have health problems similar to German Shepherds, such as elbow and hip dysplasia, skin allergies, blood clotting, stomach problems, and even cancer.

Where can you buy a German panda shepherd?

Although panda shepherds are known for their unique color scheme, which is created by crossing a white German shepherd and a blue German shepherd only, it is also difficult to find this dog’s breed easily.

If you know a breeder in your neighborhood who breeds White or Blue German Shepherds, then there may be a good chance of finding pandas there.

Otherwise, you can search for them on the internet. Not only will you find better prices and options on the websites, but you will also choose the breed of dog that appeals to you the most. But before bringing a dog home, you should check his temperament and health because once you buy him, you cannot change him.

Since Panda Shepherds are also recognized by the American Kennel Club and other dog clubs, you can also adopt a dog from there. You will not only find that rare dog at a very affordable price. You will only bring home a panda herder if you like it. Clubs can also let you know when they find one if they don’t have one available at the time.

But if this cute little dog has attracted you so much, then waiting for him is worth a bit.

What does the panda shepherd eat?

Like a German Shepherd, a German Shepherd Panda likes to eat pork, chicken, duck meat, and beef . Once you feed them fast food, they get addicted to it too.

You can also eat green vegetables, fruits, breads, pizza crusts, beans, spinach, and all other raw vegetables. Dog food is even better for them.

In a German Shepherd meal, the nutrients are very crucial for its overall growth. Although he will eat anything, you will feed him. Therefore, it is solely up to the owner to decide what is right for their dog and what is not.

Too much spicy or sugary food is not suitable for your health. Too much fast food and meat can also harm your digestive system. Dog food contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a dog needs. Therefore, it is better to feed them dog food; otherwise, try to give them natural foods like vegetables and fruits if you don’t want them to have health problems.

Panda herders are prone to diseases related to digestion and therefore it is crucial that their diet is managed with proper care.

Grooming the German Shepherd Panda

Grooming is a daily necessity for almost all breeds of dog. Whether they have shorter or longer hair, they each need regular grooming. Like German Shepherds, these sheepdogs need proper grooming and care.

As they have large hair that falls a lot, especially in spring, it is important that they brush daily. Also, their white coats are more prone to dust and dirt, so they need to be bathed at regular intervals to keep their unique coats bright all the time.

When bathing, be sure to use the dog’s shampoo and wash his hair immediately after washing. Dry your coat with a blow dryer after washing, as it takes a long time for the coat to dry naturally.

How much does the average panda herder eat daily?

Panda herders are quite large, and so are their food needs. When it comes to the food needs of a panda herder, they need at least three bowls of food a day to keep them energetic and lively throughout the day.

You can divide your food into two or three parts. You can also create a suitable food chart for your partner so that he or she has something different to eat each day. This way, your partner will be satisfied, and you too can decide what to feed him.

Male panda herders need at least 1935 calories a day in their food to stay active and happy throughout the day. Females, on the other hand, need at least 1700 calories per day, depending on the weight and size of your dog. Veterans have a special dog health and size chart to determine how many calories their body needs each day. In this way, you can check this as well.

You can also consult a veteran when it comes to your dog’s food. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can contact a veteran directly and ask for a perfect nutritious diet chart for your panda shepherd.


Don’t tell me you don’t like dogs, and even if you don’t, the beauty and charm of a panda German shepherd dog will appeal to you more. The unique color of its white fur is the most striking. So, have you decided to bring home a panda sheepdog?

Then you may need to start looking for them as soon as possible; otherwise, you will have to wait a long time to get them. These adorable dogs are not only energetic and happy, but they are also good observers. They make even more perfect pets. Their loyalty and love for the family they serve can never be doubted.

So before bringing home a German panda sheepdog, you might want to think about a few points, like if you are ready to take care of a dog. Will you need a pet? Will you be able to brush and care for the dog regularly? And, most importantly, will the dog be able to find appropriate living conditions in your home.

As they have a physique and characteristics similar to a German Shepherd, they need attention and the care is the same that the German Shepherd dog wants. So, if you’ve ever had a German Shepherd, you won’t have a problem raising this wonderful pet.

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