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The German Shepherd is still the best police dog

German Shepherd Still Best Police Dog

The German shepherd is the police dog par excellence , in fact it is sometimes called “police dog” (perhaps movies and television series such as Rin Tin Tin or Rex have something to do with it)

A police dog is a dog that is specifically trained to assist the police and other law enforcement officers . Their tasks include: searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing persons, finding evidence from the crime scene, and protecting the members who handle it. Police dogs must be very disciplined and attend to certain verbal signals and hand gestures.

The German Shepherd questioned as a police dog

In recent years the quality of German Shepherds as police dogs has been questioned . In fact, some law enforcement agencies have tried Dobermans, Rottweilers, and in some cases the Belgian Malinois.

The loss of confidence in the German Shepherd breed as a police dog is founded in many cases on the fact that many of its dogs are bred for pets or to compete in exhibitions (the so-called German Shepherd beauty line) and consequently these specimens would lack the courage and audacity necessary for police work.

The detractors of German Shepherds such as police dogs add that although the dog should not be aggressive, most of the new breeders’ copies are easy dogs to subdue and that they have lost their alert instinct, somehow they come to say that They have lost some of the characteristics that made the German Shepherd a particularly suitable dog for guarding and defending their own. Let’s not forget that initially the German Shepherd was a working dog

However in countries like England the police forces still have around 2,500 dogs, most of which are German Shepherds.

German Shepherd experts think this is a “potential” problem, rather than a real one. The unsuitability of show dogs is widely accepted. However, leading canine geneticists believe that the police have to choose their dogs from kennels that prove to have acceptable German Shepherds as police dogs or invest in their own breeding programs.

The need for characterful German Shepherds to be good police dogs

It is clear that currently the percentage of German Shepherds that present themselves as nervous dogs is very low , however 50 years ago this percentage was much higher since the specimens had much more character.

Despite experiments with other breeds, the German Shepherd is still the best police dog in the world.

Specimens suitable for police dogs have a good temperament and it is obvious that they are not biting the public, but they are very good at their job. It is about having brave, very brave dogs that are not shy, but this does not imply that they are biting people.

However despite the public perception that German Shepherds are essentially dogs that can help maintain public order, this is not their primary skill as a police dog.

Perhaps one of the best skills of the German Shepherd as a police dog is support during a shooting . Most shootings occur in buildings, where the police or the suspect may suddenly meet and cause injuries. A German Shepherd trained for these situations is able to find someone in a building and lead officers there.

Another of the great skills of the German Shepherd as a police dog is to “find” . If we can find an object of the thieves, or the knife that has fallen to the criminal, or a garment that fell while fleeing, DNA can be obtained from these objects, which is a valuable contribution to the fight against it. crime.

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