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German Shepherd Training

Articles on German Shepherd Training

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how to introduce baby german shepherd dog

How to introduce a baby to a German Shepherd dog

Having a baby will change your life and part of your habits, but if you have a German shepherd or ...
german shepherd proper dog

Is the German Shepherd a good dog for me?

If you are thinking of acquiring a German Shepherd puppy or adopting an adult German Shepherd, the first thing you should ask yourself is if ...
finish the problems barking german shepherd once all

How to end your German Shepherd’s barking problems once and for all

The barking of our German Shepherd or any other breed of dog can become a problem for a variety of ...
10 reasons german shepherd best dog

10 reasons why German Shepherds make the best dogs

German Shepherds are amazing dogs, although at first impression they can get a bad rap. Due to their large stature, many ...
train german shepherd

How to train your German Shepherd

If you have acquired a German Shepherd puppy you will want to start training him to behave properly as soon ...
the german shepherd and the cats how to live together

The German shepherd and cats, How to live together?

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats? I have heard this question thousands of times! To be honest, it would have to ...
German Shepherd Still Best Police Dog

The German Shepherd is still the best police dog

The German shepherd is the police dog par excellence , in fact it is sometimes called “police dog” (perhaps movies and ...
german shepherd easy to train

Easy To Train German Shepherd Is It Simple To Train?

If you are considering owning a German Shepherd, you may be wondering how easy it is to train these dogs ...
train a german shepherd

Is It Ever Too Late To Train A German Shepherd?

German Shepherds are loyal dogs known for their intelligence, bravery, and obedience , but is there an age when a dog ...