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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Miniature German Shepherd Dog

miniature german shepherd dog

The miniature German Shepherd dog is many times marketed as a smaller version of its relative, the German Shepherd, but in reality, it is only a part of the German Shepherd. Miniature German Shepherds are a cross between two different breeds, the German Shepherd and a Poodle or Border Collie.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Miniature German Shepherd Dog 

The Miniature German Shepherd Dog is a bit larger than a lap dog, but it may have all the characteristics of a full-size German Shepherd, but how much do they actually look like? Read on to discover seven things you didn’t know about the Miniature German Shepherd.

1. Dwarfism is not the same as miniature

As in the case of humans, dogs can be born with birth defects. If a puppy is born with dwarfism, it is not the same as a miniature version of the breed, no matter what the breeder tells you.

Although they are smaller than their siblings, they have a medical condition that will require more care and medical checks, and the buyer should be informed of this so that they can be prepared.

A dog born with dwarfism should not be bred in an effort to continue this genetic defect by purposely trying to produce small dogs.

2. Appearance and characteristics

Because the Miniature German Shepherd is a cross between two different breeds, there is no guarantee that the end product will be a dog that strictly resembles a German Shepherd dog , only smaller.

There is always the possibility that puppies may inherit more traits from the secondary breed and resemble their father with only a few German Shepherd characteristics .

3. Not registered with the AKC

Because the Miniature German Shepherd Dog is a hybrid breed, it is not an AKC recognized breed and you should not expect them to get any AKC-registered documents with your Miniature German Shepherd Dog .

If a breeder tries to tell you that it is an AKC registered breed, you should find another breeder because they are not being honest and should not be considered reputable.

4. Temperament

Breeding two different breeds can produce a variety of characteristics and traits in the offspring. It is difficult to determine what to expect from a hybrid and this applies to both a puppy’s temperament and its physical characteristics.

While a regular German Shepherd will have certain characteristics and traits that are typical from one family lineage to another, a hybrid miniature German Shepherd puppy can inherit the worst behavioral traits from both sides, the best behavioral traits from both, or a combination of both.

You will need to start training and socializing your puppy right away to help instill good behavior in your dog and get the best possible result.

5. Training can be more difficult

German Shepherd Dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and obedience . While Miniature German Shepherd dogs can follow the same tracks as their cousins, it is also true that your puppy can inherit the traits of his secondary breed, be it a stubborn streak or a slow learning trait.

People who expect their miniature German Shepherd dog to be the same kind of learnings as that of the full German Shepherd breed should be aware and be prepared.

6. Health issues

Miniature German Shepherds are at risk for health problems, like any breed, however, because they are a mix, it is more difficult to say exactly what all of them would be.

When it comes to two different breeds, it is difficult to know what they will inherit from each. It is possible that they could be healthier than a full breed, but it is also possible that they could inherit the worst health problems from both parties. You should be aware that you may not know what risk your Miniature German Shepherd Dog is at , until a problem arises.

7. Dear

What you pay for a Miniature German Shepherd will depend on the breeder, but some breeders charge a high price for a Miniature German Shepherd dog due to the novelty of the same. If you are considering this breed as a pet, you should look for a reputable breeder and one who does not just try to charge for the “miniature” aspect of the breed and charge outrageous prices for their puppies.

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