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German Shorthaired Shepherd: Features and More!

short haired german shepherd

The German Shorthaired Shepherd is among the most common German Shepherd breeds that have made some incredible Kennel Club debuts . As the name suggests, these dogs have a short coat . They are in the category of the four unofficial types of German Shepherds: medium and long length German Shepherds with and without undercoat. Like any other dog, Shorthaired German Shepherds require a lot of care and attention.

The worst mistake you can make when acquiring a new dog is not researching it. Since you will be responsible for the care of your dog, you should do your best to know everything about them. So before you find your pet, read this article to make sure this is the dog you really want for the rest of your life and learn how to take care of it.

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Main personality characteristics of a short-haired German shepherd

pastors s German shorthaired may not seem as strong as other German Shepherds medium and long hair. But, they sure have some amazing features that you should be aware of. These traits make them unique and are one of the main reasons why more people tend to buy and cherish them.

Reserved personality

Shorthaired German Shepherds are quite reserved and not very friendly towards other people. They idealize their coach more and are not very comfortable with other people. That is why short-haired German Shepherds take a long time to get acquainted with a person, as they feel more comfortable with their owner.

Loyal and obedient

Of course, dogs are among the most loyal creatures on this planet, but short-haired shepherds are more than loyal. They are so faithful that leaving them alone for too long can result in great anxiety for them, leading to many other problems. At the same time, these four-legged creatures are very obedient and will do anything for you.

Loving and caring

Shorthaired German Shepherds have a great instinct for vigilance, which is what makes them so good at being vigilant. This is a good and bad thing for a German Shorthaired Shepherd owner , as these not-so-small pets can sometimes be very cautious. Other than that, they are one of the most loving creatures that will fill your life with love. Any dog, in fact, helps brighten up your day with his cute and loving antics.


Taking care of dogs, especially a short-haired German shepherd , is a big task. These dogs require extensive care. If you want to keep them safe from different health conditions and provide them with an active, dog-friendly lifestyle, you should read some tips below to help you do so.

Keep checking your paws

Their paws need to be watched, as shorthaired German Shepherds tend to hide the pain they feel. It’s hard to tell if they’ve been injured by checking their paw, but up to a point, you can find some clues. Missing an open cut for too long can lead to infection; therefore, you should regularly check your furry animal’s paws.

Try new skills with them

German Shepherds are always eager to learn and if you want to make sure your dog has a good healthy lifestyle, keep teaching him different skills. The best thing about short-haired German shepherds is that they are fast learners; So, take advantage of this amazing trait and teach them all the tricks. It will make them feel more like a hero.

Spend time with them when they are young

This, of course, depends on when you get your short-haired German shepherd. But as soon as you have it, it is good to spend time with them when they are young. This helps to build a bond between your caregiver and trainer, as Short Haired German Shepherds don’t get attached to everyone easily and are very specific. This is the right age for you to get acquainted with the people who live around you so that your German Shepherd will respond to you in a friendly way.

Short-haired German Shepherd vs Long-haired German Shepherd

Short and long haired German Shepherds come from the same breed and can have many similarities, but they also have some differences. The main differences are linked to their appearance and hair growth.

For example, short-haired German Shepherds have a double coat consisting of an undercoat and an outer coat. But, long-haired German Shepherds only have a single coat on their coat. This is what makes it easier for Shorthaired German Shepherds to work outdoors in extreme cold, as their double coat protects them. It serves as a barrier and protects this companion from weather conditions. Short-haired German Shepherds are more serious than long-haired ones. Therefore, they are more likely to be a bit distant from strangers and may act strangely around you.

Both short-haired and long-haired German Shepherds have similar characteristics, such as intelligence, loyalty, athleticism, protection, and energy. Both dogs need the same amount of training and exercise and will tend to grow the same size. You will see traits of anxiety in short- and long-haired dogs of this breed, especially when they are away from their trainer or caregiver for a long time. Sometimes this problem can become very frequent. Both types of German Shepherds are also susceptible to health conditions like heart disease and hip dysplasia.

The temperament of short-haired German Shepherds

German Shepherds have good control over their temperament but are also very good at hiding their emotions when they don’t get something they want. One of the reasons the police and military choose German Shepherds to assist them in operations is because of their intelligence, attention, and loyalty.

Also, German Shorthaired Shepherds like to get competitive tasks and will do whatever you need them to do as long as you are satisfied as their trainer. When doing something with them, you should use positive reinforcement methods, especially during training sessions. You can appreciate them with good gifts and compliments as this will encourage them to do their homework better.

Sometimes the emotions of a German Shorthaired Shepherd can run wild, as this breed commonly suffers from separation anxiety. Shorthaired German Shepherds are the most loyal and devoted companions of their keepers.

If kept away from their pet parents for too long, German Shepherds become anxious and begin to bark and chew on furniture. Also, they always like to be on the go, so idolizing them for long periods can cause them to get bored, anxious, and upset. Therefore, you need to make sure you give them something to do, even if you are babysitting someone at your door.

How To Properly Groom Your Short Haired German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known among pet enthusiasts for their fluffy fur, and this is one of the reasons you will find dog hair on all of your furniture. To prevent this, you have to brush your dog regularly. Grooming involves a few carefully taken steps as hair grows in one of the most sensitive areas of the dog’s skin. German Shepherds shed most of their hair in the summers and springs; therefore, this is the ideal season for grooming your dog. Here are some tips and tricks to help you brush your dog and keep him tidy.

1. Untangle everything!

Detangling is the first and most important step you must take. In this step, make sure your German Shepherd doesn’t get tangled up. You can use a hair conditioner to ensure that you have effectively removed all tangles. This will make it easier for you to continue with the other steps and not irritate your dog while brushing.

2. Get rid of the undercoat of loose hair

With the help of a paint remover tool, you can begin to remove the loose interior paint layer. It starts from the head and then goes down to the tail. Remember to be as gentle as possible when performing this step.

3. Remove debris and remaining hair

If you notice any loose hair on the bottom layer, remove it with a bristle brush. This way, you will also get rid of any possible debris.

4. Final touches

The last step requires making your lovely pet look neat and clean. You can use a soft bristle brush to remove any hair that remains on the top layer. Make sure you don’t squeeze too hard, instead use soft strokes that go in the direction of her hair growth. You don’t want your pet to feel uncomfortable under any circumstances that could affect his temperament. This step is a good time to look for ticks, lumps, or any other type of bump. If you notice any of these, you should immediately take your quadruped to the vet.

Things to invest in when you get a short-haired German shepherd

When you buy a new dog for the first time or take responsibility for someone’s dog while you are away or busy with work, you should consider these cute critters as your own child. Therefore, you have to provide them with the best things. Shorthaired German Shepherds aren’t high maintenance, but there are a few things you’ll need to invest in if you plan to keep them in your home.

Chew toys

Shorthaired German Shepherds have stubborn jaws, especially at a young age. So you won’t want damaged furniture in your home, which is one of the main reasons you should invest in durable chew toys for your German Shorthaired Dog.

Healthy food

These dogs are active and require a healthy meal. You should feed them healthy foods, especially if you notice that they chew, shred, or have other health problems. Short-haired German Shepherds also have a tendency to develop wild teeth at the puppy stage, so a balanced diet can keep teeth healthy.

You should add vegetables and fruits such as berries, carrots, and apples to your diet. At the same time, give them large amounts of protein. You will notice a nice change in the health of your dogs once you follow this healthy diet.

Veterinary checks

This is one of the most important things you will have to invest in. Regular vet visits are a must, especially for your German Shorthaired Shepherd as this breed can go through many health issues.

Although they look healthy, they may not realize what is going on internally. Also, shorthaired German Shepherds do not express their pain when they are not well. Therefore, regular vet checkups are a must!


With the help of this information on the German Shorthaired Shepherd , you can finally get one for yourself and take proper care of it. Short-haired German Shepherds are more than just their fierce appearance. They may seem like a dangerous breed, but they are loyal and loving and will do anything for their caretakers. Getting one will make a big difference in your life and help add some joy and happiness.

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