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German Shepherd Fight Fiercely Against A … Tire!

the german shepherd fights fiercely against a tire

The Internet is full of cartoonish videos that reveal moments of tension between a German Shepherd and any inanimate object.

Usually the owners’ socks or slippers are the main targets of bigeye tuna. However, in this case, the animal decided to innovate and choose an unusual fighting “partner” – a tire!

German Shepherd Fight Fiercely Against A … Tire!

The images, which you can see below, have (almost) everything to be those of a Crossfit circuit for dogs, even if it is accidentally! See how he vows to show his opponent who the boss is!

Not only does the German Shepherd fight the tire, but he bites it, takes it around his neck, throws it on the ground, barks at him, growls at him, digs his teeth into it one more time and does not give up. Of course, the “opponent’s” lack of reaction can further irritate the German Shepherd , but the truth is that he just wants to get out of this moment of contention gloriously!

Best of all, knowing that these dogs are showing their fierce side as fast as they are capable of running towards the owner with all the affection they have to give him! That’s what makes them special and unique, don’t you think?

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