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German Shepherd Gets Excited With His Owner

the german shepherd gets emotional with his owner

When you miss someone for being far away, there is no better surprise than seeing them again when you least expect it.
The same goes for our friends and they show it very well!

German Shepherd Gets Excited With His Owner

In the US it is normal for this to happen a lot, since the military service there is very active and absences from home are a constant. For the family it is complicated but they know why, but for a dog it is something much heavier.

Not only do they not know what is going on, but they can change their behavior drastically for long periods of time waiting for them to return. From not eating, to not wanting to leave a certain place, the impact can be tremendous depending on the emotional attachment that the dog has to its owner.

Although they survive, the change in behavior is evident and stories are told all over the world of dogs doing fantastic things for their absent owners. However, there is always the other side of the medal, and regardless of the time of absence, the return is always something magical and unique to see.

If there is a time when we can witness an honest and fantastic feeling, it is when we see a dog checking on the owner after a time like here.

The German shepherd gets excited with his owner when he sees him, see here:

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