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German “Giant” Shepherd Obeys Girl Without Blinking

the giant german shepherd obeys the girl

Now sit down, now get up, now roll over on yourself. German Shepherds have such a sweet temperament that they will accept any joke (no matter how tired it may be)!

Also, there is another undeniable fact: they cannot resist children. They are the best playmates children can have! Just watch the following video, which is ridiculous if you compare the size of the big dog and that of the girl!

Giant German Shepherd Obeys Girl Without Blinking

The German Shepherd in the photos is huge! But he does not hesitate to obey, without blinking, the girl who, barefoot and in colorful pajamas, gives him instructions. Only those who have such a faithful companion at home can understand the love that unites them with the youngest.

Generally, they are the protagonists of the funniest family scenes! And there is no fear between them. In fact, even babies do not show any fear of these animals. Would you like to see it? Do you still remember this funny moment of laughter? A German Shepherd knows exactly his limits and what he has to do in order not to hurt a child!

But these two cases we just showed are not unique! If you are still in doubt, take a look at these fantastic photos, which perfectly illustrate the friendship between children and German Shepherds. Trust me: after this, there’s no way you won’t want to have one already at home!

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