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The Perfect Duo: Baby “Steals” Food to Give to the German Shepherd

the perfect duo

If you now work together in such an organized way … imagine yourself in a few years!
When our babies find their cookie stash at home, they are sure to make their own. But when they get the perfect partner for crime, well, then laughter is inevitable. You want to see?

The Perfect Duo: Baby “Steals” Food to Give to the German Shepherd

Here’s the perfect duo! The baby is the expert in taking the biscuits out of the box; the animal has the easiest task … to eat them. Basically it’s like serial work: what you need is rhythm!

Have you ever doubted that German Shepherds and children are the perfect accomplices? It’s amazing how such a small baby (who doesn’t even seem to be able to stay 100% stable) already shows so much care for his little friend! You don’t want anything to be missing!

And the puppy thanks you! If the cookie ends up falling, that’s fine! That’s what teamwork is for: it catches it and devours it! The moment, recorded on video, is so ridiculous that it has been shared almost 300,000 times! It’s easy to understand why! Sight!

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