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They adopt a dog and return to the shelter to get him a little brother

they adopt a dog and return to the shelter

Christina and her fiancé, Vincent, from Odessa, Texas, always knew that their ideal family would include two little ones – a kitten and a puppy – who could grow up together. Since every family begins somewhere, the first step was completed the day they found a Tamaskan puppy named Raven.

However, Raven still needed a friend! So Christina and Vincent headed to their local shelter so that Raven could choose her new brother. When he finally settled into his new four-legged friend it was the last choice they expected him to make …

When it comes time for couples to start considering having children, they will often have “the talk” beforehand. You know how it goes. When should we have them? How many? Can we afford to have children?

It is a decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives, so planning is essential! Too often, people get into the parenting game when they are not fully committed. Children are a full-time job with unlimited amounts of overtime.

They adopt a dog and return to the shelter to get him a little brother

Many couples who choose not to have children often decide to host animals in their home. Sometimes they even treat them like children, like these pugs enjoying the day in the front seat of a baby carriage!

A woman from Odessa, Texas named Christina and her fiancé, Vincent , both always understood that their ideal family would include two little pets that could grow up together and keep each other company. So, after visiting various animal shelters in their hometown, they settled on an adorable Tamasco pup they named Raven. They couldn’t resist her little face!

It wasn’t long until Raven got used to her new life with Christina and Vincent. The couple knew they had made the perfect decision when they brought her home. But there was a little problem …

Raven was so full of energy and always wanted to play! As happy as Christina and Vincent were keeping their new dog entertained, they knew that she needed a brother to keep her better occupied. So, with the puppy in tow, Christina and Vincent returned to the shelter to find a feline friend for Raven .

“I always wanted a cat and a dog to grow up together. It has been like a goal in life, ”said Christina.

After introducing him to some kittens, the shelter workers brought out one last little one. Immediately, the connection was apparent. By the end of the day, the papers were signed, and the family had welcomed Kitty Woodhouse into their home!

I wanted them to get along. I wanted him to meet the cat and for the cat to get along with the dog too, ”Christina explained.

Christina couldn’t believe how quickly her new furry kids got along. “At one point, Raven grabbed one of her raw peanut butter skins and held it up for Woodhouse to lick on,” Christina said proudly.

Raven y Woodhouse

Besides, it was as if Raven and Woodhouse were unable to tire of each other. They snuggled in the morning, spent the day in the park, and snuggled before bed. Although Raven was the older and more dominating brother, she didn’t mind letting little Woodhouse dominate her. Turns out, you don’t have to be a dog to be the boss.

Both animals loved accompanying their owners on long car trips, too. What was one of his favorite places to visit, you ask? It was the beach. You’d think a cat wouldn’t like the ocean very much as it tends to avoid water, but Woodhouse was different. Once he got out of the car and made it to shore he was hitched!

Each image of Christina and Vincent was infinitely enhanced by the presence of their two pets. The couple could have decided not to have any more children, but these four are still a cute family. No matter how you look at it, one thing was clear: Woodhouse and Raven make a great couple. Despite their obvious differences, they get along well, and it seems that Christina and Vincent liked that more about them.

Do you see the way they hang out like it should be? That’s exactly what Vincent and Christina were obviously hoping for when they decided to start a family in the first place …

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