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Best Toys For German Shepherd Puppies

toys for german shepherd puppies

In this article we will see the best toys for German Shepherd puppies . Puppies are adorable creatures, they are full of energy, they are fiercely loyal even at a young age, playful and affectionate. However, much of their energy and playfulness goes into chewing everything in sight, so it is important that they have some good chew toys.

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Why buy toys for German Shepherd puppies?

Your German Shepherd puppy will probably shower you with love if you buy him a new toy. While making your puppy happy is a good reason to buy toys for him, there are other great reasons why buying your German Shepherd puppy toys is a good idea.

For the safety of the dog

If your puppy has safe toys to chew on, he is less likely to chew on unsafe things.

For the development of the puppy

High-quality, durable toys help your puppy grow healthier and happier.

Toys support the puppy’s working gene

German Shepherds are a working breed, and this desire to work or do something appears at a young age and is satisfied by chewing or playing with toys.

Prevent destructive chewing

If puppies don’t have appropriate chew toys, they will chew on other things… things you don’t want them to chew on.

Toys to Avoid for Your German Shepherd Puppy

From the moment you bring your little fluff pack home, you’re going to want to fill their box or space with toys and treats.

As tempting as it may be to buy a bunch of toys, and it will be tempting, try to resist the temptation. Be selective about what you buy for your German Shepherd puppy. Just because it’s a good buy doesn’t mean it’s a good toy for your puppy.

There are certain types of puppy toys that you should avoid buying for your own sake. Here are some tips.

  • Avoid stuffed toys. They will try to eat it.
  • Avoid toys that make noise. As fun as they are, they pose a choking hazard. Not to mention, your German Shepherd will solve that problem in minutes.
  • Avoid vinyl and latex toys. It won’t take your pastor long to tear them down.
  • Always supervise your puppy when you receive a new toy.
  • When a toy has “seen better days,” dispose of it so your puppy doesn’t chew it up and swallow the small parts.
  • How To Buy Suitable Toys For Your German Shepherd Puppy
  • As much as you may be tempted to buy your puppy’s toys and hope they last forever, they may not. The American Kennel Club recommends purchasing dog toys that are not only appropriate for the breed, but also for age and size. The puppy will start chewing on things almost as soon as he opens his eyes. His pointy teeth will be sharp, so you will need to buy him toys for small puppies that will keep his mouth occupied.

Once your German Shepherd puppy is 3-4 months old and begins to teething, he will become very nervous and will want to chew on anything in sight. You will need toys that are slightly larger and more challenging.

A German Shepherd will not have the same mouth as a toy poodle. And a 9 month old shepherd can choke on a small toy for a 3 month old shepherd. Be sure to read the toy manufacturer’s warnings on the label. It is very important that your German Shepherd puppy has appropriate toys.

Does the brand of the name matter?

The puppies German Shepherd are hard with toys. In addition to being a high-energy working dog, they also have a good energy drive. Unless you want to buy your puppy a new toy every day, it is best to buy high-quality toys.

I have never been a buyer who buys products because they are of a certain brand, but I will also buy products of a certain brand if I know that the company is known for its high quality durable products. With that said, here are some manufacturers known for providing high-quality dog ​​toys.

JW Pet Company
Design by West Paw
Ethical Pets
The Outside Hound
Giant Pet Products
The Animal Company: Tuffy
What makes some of these brands so great is not just because they make high quality dog ​​toys that are Durable enough to last a long time, they are also safe for dogs and puppies. Also, most of these companies have excellent warranties on toys.

If you or your German Shepherd puppy don’t like the toy, they will replace it or give you your money back. Ethical Pets, for example, will replace the toy if your German Shepherd destroys it.

Some of the name brand toys may seem expensive at first, but you often get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find many good puppy toys at a cheap price, but be careful what you buy for your toy. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

Types of toys for German Shepherd puppies

If this is your first puppy, what will probably surprise you the most is the number of different types of dog toys that are available. To say that there is almost a dog toy for every occasion or situation almost sums it up well.

Chew and throw toys

These sturdy toys are made to be gnawed, chewed, thrown, or thrown away.

Indestructible toys

These durable toys will take a real beating and will withstand a lot of abuse from German Shepherd puppies.

Teething toys

These toys are specifically for the period when the puppy is losing his teeth.

Training toys

These toys are used to build and improve behavior and obedience skills.

Interactive toys and puzzles

These toys will make the German Shepherd puppy use his brain and his work drive to solve.

Squeaky Toys

These toys have squeaks to make noise but lack padding. You will also find some examples of toys that your German Shepherd puppy will like in this video. Head over to Amazon to pick up the ones you think they’ll love!

What dog toys are the best for my German Shepherd puppy?

With so many dog ​​toys on the market today and from so many different manufacturers, it can be extremely difficult to choose the right dog toy.

Raising a German Shepherd dog will keep him busy enough, you shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about getting the right toys for the puppy.

To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a list of what we consider the top 5 toys for German Shepherd dogs, with a brief review of each product.

Keep in mind that what works well for one puppy may not necessarily be the right choice for another puppy. You may need to experiment a bit to find what works best for your puppy and which toy the puppy seems to prefer. However, in general, these are some of the best toys for German Shepherd puppies.

JW Pet Company
Tanzanian Mountain Ball JW Pet Company Tanzanian Mountain Ball Dog Toy,…
Solid natural rubber bouncing dog toy
The ridges are ideal for filling with treats or peanut butter
A powerful bouncer
great for fetch games…

Buy on Amazon

The Tanzanian mountain ball typically provides German Shepherd puppies with hours of fun. Its unique ridges on the outside of the ball emit a buzzing noise when thrown through the air. That in itself piques your interest! The ball’s lightweight design allows it to follow the path, providing more playtime while the pup continues to run and search. It has enough rebound to keep the puppy interested and stimulated, but not too much rebound to cause a problem.

This vanilla scented ball has the combination of things puppies love: sound, texture, and great scent. Its size is slightly larger than that of a golf ball. It is a great toy if the puppy likes to swim or play in the water because it floats. If you want to make your pup a delicious treat for the hot summer months, you can put peanut butter inside the ball and on the ridges and freeze it.


Free toxins
Dishwasher safe
Made natural rubber and biodegradable
100% satisfaction guarantee or replace

Not chewy
Not good for puppies with a tendency to spoil things
Too small for large German Shepherd puppies
West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Dog Treat
West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat…
West Paw Design Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat …
100% Manufacturer Guaranteed
Floats On Water – Durable Treatment Dispensing Toy
Interlocking ring design links small to large Toppl for a puzzle challenge of…
Slide it in the dishwasher! Easy to clean for a quick change of treats.
$ 20.95
Buy on Amazon
The Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Chew Toy is designed to keep your German Shepherd puppy motivated and happy. It’s also a great way for pet owners to control what kinds of treats their pup eats because you’re the one filling them. Your puppy should not lose interest in this toy because he will always remember the excitement of finding treats inside. It comes in two sizes and colors and can be filled with various items including peanut butter, cucumbers, cheese, yogurt, dog kibble, carrots, and more.


Toxin free
Made from recycled plastic
safe FDA approved

Not recommended for heavy chewers.
Somewhat expensive
Does not hold food for long
ROGZ Pupz Da Bone Chew Toy
ROGZ Pupz DaBone, Medium, Colors Vary
ROGZ Pupz DaBone, Medium, Colors Vary
Bounce and reach for the toy
Chew the toy. Bite-o-meter
treatment dispenser
. Available in sizes: S, M and L
Buy on Amazon
The ROGZ Pupz Da Bone is a bone-shaped toy that is very attractive to most puppies. It is available in 3 different sizes, so puppies will not outgrow it. It is excellent and soft enough for German Shepherd puppies who are teething, yet tough enough to help strengthen their jaw and give them something to chew on for hours. It comes in five different colors, which also makes it easy to spot in snow and even grass.

Color options are red, pink, lime green, orange, and blue. The Pupz Da Bone has a hollow part in the center so you can stuff a few treats inside to keep your pup motivated and stimulated for longer. The unique hollow center design prevents treats from falling out easily and also makes your pup have to work a little harder to get to the treat. It has the soothing scent of baby powder, and who doesn’t love the scent of baby powder? Although this toy can be chewed, it usually takes a long time.


Toxin free
Made from natural rubber
safe Cons

Does not float
KONG Puppy Tires – Puppy Tires – Soft Rubber Chew Toy and …
KONG – Puppy Tires – Soft Rubber
Chew Toy and … DENTITION PUPPIES: KONG Soft Rubber Puppy Formula is designed to facilitate teething of the…
LARGE TO FILL: The KONG Puppy Tire is even more attractive and mentally stimulating when filled…
SEARCH TOY: This soft rubber tire is strategically designed for fetch and teach games
…… TO A MEDIUM / LARGE PUPPY: For puppies up to 7-30 kg. This toy is designed for dogs up to nine…
$ 14.91
Buy on Amazon
KONG Puppy Tires are ideal for puppies up to 9 months of age (15 to 65 pounds). They are made with natural soft rubber that will help relieve teething pain. The rims come in pink or blue. It is a great toy for stimulation because you can fill them with peanut butter, puppy snacks, or some other healthy food that your puppy likes.

KONG puppy tires are not only used for teething and playing ball, but are also a great training aid. Many dog ​​owners prefer KONG puppy tires to any other German Shepherd dog toy. This could be because a German Shepherd owner created it for a German Shepherd. It comes in small, medium and large sizes, so you can adjust the size and make it appropriate as the dog grows.


Toxin free
Made from natural rubber
safe Cons

Does not float
Hard to get treats
Only a 30 day warranty
Rough texture can cause gum bleeding in pups
West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Dog Toy
West Paw Zogoflex Interactive Tug of War Zogoflex Bumi…
West Paw Zogoflex Interactive Tug of War Bumi…
A toy that stretches twice its length to double the fun.
The interactive shape makes it perfect for two-dog or human-dog play
100% Guaranteed against damage from dogs by the manufacturer
Made in America, recyclable and dishwasher
safe $ 17.95
Buy on Amazon
The Western Paw Design Zogolfex Bumi is an S-shaped dog toy that will stimulate and amaze your German Shepherd puppy because it will stretch up to twice its length. Dogs love this toy to play tug of war with other dogs or humans. The manufacturer guarantees it 100% against damage caused by dogs. Its bright colors make it easy to spot on grass or snow. They are sturdy enough for a good chewing session, yet soft enough that they feel good in the puppy’s mouth. Dogs generally enjoy this dog toy on the beach.

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Toxin free
Made from recycled plastic
safe FDA compliant (phthalate and BPA free)

Customers say it doesn’t last long.
The easy-to-chew parts, which can pose a choking hazard
And the winner is….
Picking a winner among these five German Shepherd dog toys was tough. Well-known companies that are known for their high-quality products make them all. I relied on price, ease of use, durability, and customer feedback. Based on these facts, I chose the ROGZ Pupz Da Bone Chew Toy because I felt it was everything German Shepherd owners look for in a dog toy. Dogs love it; comes in various colors; it is extremely durable, you will probably have a hard time finding dog owners who do not like this product!

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