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What is a Blue German Shepherd Dog?

what is a blue german shepherd dog

Most people have heard of the German Shepherd dog breed . This medium-large dog is a popular breed in the United States. However, not everyone has heard of the Blue German Shepherd Dog and if they have, they may not know too much about this particular type of dog. While the White Swiss German Shepherd is more common, here is what you need to know about the Blue German Shepherd dog .

A blue German Shepherd dog is simply a color variation of the German Shepherd dog breed. They are distinctive in that their fur is blue / gray in color and they also have blue eyes. There are actually three variations of a Blue German Shepherd Dog , as they come in blue and tan, blue and sable, or blue and black.

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Blue German Shepherd Dog: Color 

The color of a German Shepherd Dog is determined by genetics. This breed of dog has two types of genes that dictate a dog’s color and appearance. The first of these genes decides coat color and the second gene dictates whether or not a dog has markings and how these are distributed throughout the coat. For example, some German Shepherd Dogs are solid in color while others are bi-colored.

The blue German Shepherd Dog is created the dog inherits the double recessive blue gene. Another color variation of this breed that inherits its color in this way is the liver of the German Shepherd Dog, as it is also created when the dog inherits two recessive genes from the liver.

The difference between the two colors , apart from their visual appearance, is that the blue gene only partially blocks the black gene, while the liver gene blocks the black gene completely. This means that a blue dog may have lighter black markings while a liver dog will not have any black markings.

blue German Shepherd puppy will differ from the rest of the litter by having lighter colored eyes that are usually blue. However, some blue dogs have yellow or amber eyes. Their coat color is obvious immediately after birth,

The breed standards of German Shepherd Dogs according to the American Kennel Club state that blue dogs are a serious fault when it comes to showing them in competitions that are based on the appearance of the dog. The same applies to liver-colored dogs.

There is a preference for darker colored German Shepherd dogs at shows. Only white dogs are disqualified from competitions based on their color. Paler colored dogs, such as blue and liver dogs, are considered a serious misconduct.


In the German Shepherd Dog breed, the blue color of the coat is not an indication of any problems that the dog may have inherited. In some breeds, the blue coat color means that the dog is more likely to suffer from certain health conditions. It can also indicate particular traits in a dog’s temperament.

However, that is not the case with blue German Shepherd dogs as it is simply their color and the fact that they are blue has no impact on their health or temperament.

Blue German Shepherd Dogs are rarer than other color variations of this breed. Sometimes they appear randomly in a litter and sometimes they are raised in specialized breeding programs. Its rarity can drive up the price compared to other color variations of this breed. Prices can vary significantly from one breeder to another.

However, the market for those who want a Blue German Shepherd dog is limited to those who have it as a pet. This is because people who show dogs don’t want this type of German Shepherd dog to show at dog competitions.

People who want to have a Blue German Shepherd dog   can find a dog that needs a good home at a rescue center. There are many Blue German Shepherd Dogs out there who desperately need a comfortable home and a loving owner.

The other option is to buy one from a reputable breeder. It is important to review their credentials first and verify that the Blue German Shepherd dog has been bred by an experienced breeder who can demonstrate that the dogs they sell have lived in good condition and whose parents have been properly cared for.

Photos of Blue German Shepherd dog 

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